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Invest in Your Child...

Kids Classes

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Sea Samurais: Ages 4-10

We recognize the importance of friendship, humor, and self-confidence in teaching kids. Our classes begin with an obstacle course, move into stretching and warm-ups, and then rocket off into learning curriculum and fun new material. Kids are encouraged to be involved and make friends, exercise, handle conflict and negative emotions in a positive way, and learn how to defend themselves. They will feel like rock stars while meeting age-specific goals!

Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids


  • Coordination and Balance - Our curriculum is tailored to the different abilities of kids of varying ages, and exercises their motor skills.
  • Strength - Building muscle and ability through exercises and martial arts moves increases strength.
  • Health - Exercise is proven to help with stress, anxiety, obesity, and overall health.


    • Self-Confidence and Self-Respect - helps students learn to come out of their shells and interact with others, as well as gain a sense of power to stand up for themselves.
    • Emotional Processing - being on the mat is a great way to learn to shake off the problems of the day, handle frustration, and cope with making mistakes without giving up. Our instructors help kids give a voice to their feelings and address them in healthy ways!
    • Discipline and Respect - helps students with impulse control, respect in addressing others, and handling problems without aggression and anger.
Invest in Your Child...

Try 2 Free Classes Today!

We want you to find the perfect martial arts studio for your youth. Contact us for two free lessons to see if we're a good fit for your child! Our innovative classes, affordable prices, community environment, and focus on your child's needs are sure to get you hooked!