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Rising Tide Martial Arts was co-founded by four martial artists in Loveland, Colorado after the dojo they attended, United Karate Centers, moved out of state. United Karate Center's Sensei Rick Shaw encouraged several black belts with teaching experience at the dojo to take over the hapkido blend classes for the students. The four teachers who rose to the challenge - Sensei Bryce Schwarz, Sensei Dana Gochanour, Sensei Satori Bahus-Meyer, and Senpai Jaelyn Cheatham - have over forty years of combined martial arts experience between them (including shito ryu, tae kwon do, haidong gumdo, and hapkido blend), and ten years of teaching children and adults. They have seen the difference that stellar teaching by instructors who care can make, including with challenged students. They strive to make a positive difference in the lives of ALL their students!

Sensei Bryce Akiba Schwarz

Black belt hapkido blend, taekwondo & haidong gumdo experience

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Sensei Bryce has trained in various martial arts for over twenty years, starting at the young age of four. Most of his experience is in Taekwondo (traditional Korean hand-to-hand style), Haidong Gumdo (traditional Korean sword style), and Hapkido blend. Bryce wanted to become a martial arts instructor ever since his experience learning under Grand Master W.T. Alexander as a teenager, and seeing the positive impact martial arts can have on people growing up. He taught under Sensei Rick Shaw at United Karate Centers, and has conducted private lessons in Hapkido blend. Sensei Bryce has also gained instructing experience through teaching improvisational acting techniques through a local theater program for the last six years.

Sensei Dana Gochanour

Black belt hapkido blend

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Hapkido blend martial arts was introduced to Dana unexpectedly while trying to find a sport for her two sons. Her boys fall on the autism spectrum, with ADHD and Apraxia mixed in. This presented the challenge of finding a sport that would boost their peer interaction and physical training, while holding attention and positioning for success. They were welcomed by Sensei Rick Shaw and his wife at United Karate Centers, and Dana decided to join their community and start her martial arts journey in 2014, shortly after her kids. 

At UKC, Dana was struck by Sensei Rick Shaw's teaching style - not only did he teach proper technique, physical awareness, and how to defend oneself; but he also taught respect, honesty, focus, serving others, control over oneself, and self worth. Dana saw the difference that these teaching methods had on her children, and was excited to be part of it.

Because of Dana's desire to help her own kids grow (and help regulate their behavior on the mat), she began assistant teaching the children's hapkido classes with Sensei Rick Shaw. As her own children became more mature, and her talent for teaching was recognized, Dana continued to assist with both kids and adult classes. By 2019, she had amassed over 100 volunteer hours on the mat! 

Dana was awarded her black belt alongside Sensei Satori in 2018, and is currently training with the other instructors to obtain a second degree in Hapkido Blend. After UKC closed, she was excited to share her teaching experience by serving a new community, and continuing on the mission of teaching both martial arts and life skills. Dana and the other instructors at Rising Tide Martial Arts are excited to pass on this holistic method of training for ANYONE who wants to get hooked on Hapkido Blend.

Sensei Satori Bahus-Meyer

Black Belt hapkido blend

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Satori Bahus-Meyer is a storyteller, artist, mental health worker, and martial artist. With a background in working with young people, she loves bringing energy and humor to the mat. After obtaining a degree in psychology, she currently works in the mental health field, assisting children and adolescents with Autism and related conditions. In addition to her child-focused career, she also has experience leading children's classes and summer camps at a NoCo paint-your-own-pottery studio.

Satori gained her black belt in hapkido blend after five years with United Karate Centers, and is currently studying for her second degree. She was invited to be a junior instructor at UKC after her sensei witnessed her passion for helping others and her knack for teaching. Satori's passion for martial arts goes far beyond the learning experiences she's had on the mat - she says, "being a black belt is a way of life; it is a symbol of my dedication to lifelong learning, an honor code I follow, and the courage I draw upon when I need it." Beginning to take martial arts classes was monumental in Satori's journey to becoming a physically and mentally healthy person - it contributed to her self-esteem, communication skills, and sense of strength and belonging. She wants to give others that transformative experience by sharing her love for martial arts, and continuing to learn from her students.


Senpai Jaelyn Daub-Cheatham

Black belt Shito Ryu, red belt hapkido blend

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Jaelyn Cheatham began her martial arts journey in 2010 at Loveland Karate Club under Sensei Brandon Broderick learning Seito Shito Ryu Karate Do. Seito Shito Ryu is a traditional Okinawan art created by Kenzo Mabuni after the death of his father, Kenwa Mabuni, who created Shito Ryu. It is a blend of Shuri-te and Naha-te that blends hard and soft styles together to create a beautiful, rich martial art.

For the next 8 years, Jaelyn trained, became head student, and received her black belt before the close of the school. Jaelyn also spent time privately teaching former students of Loveland Karate Club..

Shortly after the close of LKC, she began her journey at United Karate Centers, achieved her red belt, and is currently pursuing a black belt in the Hapkido-blend.

Jaelyn's dedication to and love of martial arts inspired her to join Sensei Bryce, Sensei Dana and Sensei Satori in the establishment of Rising Tide Martial arts. She loves passing on the ancient traditions and teaching the importance of self mastery, self respect, and endless improvement.